Rental & Lease in Gasdetection

Rental & Lease

Only pay for what you use and only for the period that you use it.

It´s not always that simple, but at 7Solutions, it is. If you need your gas detection equipment for a limited time only, or if you need to be flexible every step of the way, we are with you. Your gas detection solution is ready, exactly when you require it to be. No surprises.

Our account managers are trained to offer financial solutions, so they can work with your company to offer the conditions you need.

If you don´t feel like dealing with the hassles of ownership, let us take that out of the equation. Only pay for the number of instruments you actually use. We make sure every instrument is in perfect order.

7Solutions is an independent supplier of gas detection equipment. This means that we can supply you with any gas detecting instrument you need, irrespective of brand.


If you need gas detection equipment for a short duration only, you can rent your instruments at 7Solutions. We ensure they are in perfect working order and calibrated with a traceable certificate.

Operational Lease

Don’t wish to take ownership? For a fixed fee, you get to use the gas detection solution you need, no surprises. We ensure that every instrument is in perfect working order.

Financial Lease

Only pay for what you use. Pay a fixed fee for your gas detector(s). After the contract period, the detectors are yours. Of course, we can still service them after the contract period has expired.

7solutions Gasdetection  Rental and Lease

Stay up to date


7Solutions has its own service and maintenance department where we can service any gas detection instrument, no matter what brand or age.

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