Technical Quality is everything to us.

"To define quality is not just about claiming it, it is to constantly keep observing and improving; so you make sure that you will deliver it."

Together, everyday we try to improve the quality of our products, and of our processes as well. So what does this mean practically? It means we will not blindly trust in product or order specifications alone, we will verify the data. It means we will perform testing of instruments and sensors, for you, so you won’t have to set up expensive testing equipment and perform these time consuming tests yourself.

All the knowledge we have obtained with our years of  experience, we would like to share with you.



7solutions Technical Quality is everything to us.

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Quality Management

7Solutions is specialized in the delivery, maintenance, calibration and commissioning of gas detection equipment. 

As company, our goal is to act as a leader in industrial gas detection in the field of advice, sales, rental and maintenance, in order to guarantee protection for all our customers.

We want to achieve this goal by continuously increasing our knowledge based on our technological and market knowledge and years of experience.

By continuously searching for new techniques and their applicability, we try to be leading in the market and strive to serve our customers in an even better way. By continuously working on possible innovations within the industrial gas detection, we strive to protect our customers even better in potentially dangerous situations.

Due to our knowledge, speed and adequacy of acting, we intend to remain the market leader in industrial gas detection. Our organization is based on a number of core values, the most important core value is included in this policy statement. It reads:

“We do all the necessary to achieve our goal, and will never say that we have done our best ".

The management and employees of 7Solutions will make every effort to guarantee and improve the quality of all its products and services during the preparation and execution of all its activities.

We will focus our policy on the pursuit of continuous quality monitoring and improvement of our products, processes and services, in accordance with the NEN-EN-ISO 9001:2015 standard.

A number of concrete objectives will be formulated in the annual plan regarding to the quality of products and services at 7Solutions, which are relevant for a particular year. This plan will be evaluated, measured, and if necessary, adjusted during the management review.

The management commits to determine the necessary conditions and to make available the means to maintain and continuously improve the quality policy. The management will also play a pioneering role in complying with the agreed methods.

We expect from all employees that they will collaborate in good harmony and with mutual trust within the organization. A Quality, Environment, Safety & Health manager & assistant and management representative are appointed to manage, maintain and secure the policy.

The employees get informed about the policy as soon as they start employment, as well as about the importance of meeting the quality requirements of 7Solutions’ products, services and working methods, thence we are able to meet the customers expectations and meeting the law requirements. 

The director has the final responsibility for the policy. The mainly task of the Quality, Environment, Safety & Health manager is to report to the director about the performance of the Quality, Environment, Safety & Health management system. 

The policy statement will be evaluated annualy and if necessary adjusted based on the output of the management review. The modified policy statement will be distributed throughout the organisation thereafter.

In August 2012 we received our VCA certificate and in December 2014 we were able to receive the ISO9001 certificate as well.

7solutions VCA ISO 9001

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