7Solutions in Gas Detection: We share gas detection knowledge with you

7Solutions in Gas Detection: We share gas detection knowledge with you

We like to share our knowledge with you. But did you know these little facts about gas detection and us?

For example, did you know that…

  • We have over 100 gas detection specialist ready to assist and advice you? They range from quality control to marketing, from technical support to sales. Whoever picks up the phone has basic knowledge of gasdetection or can tell you more about it than the manufacturer himself. Every specialist is there for our customers every day.
  • We are the only gas detection company with lease possibilities? This ranges from financial lease to keep the investments low or full operational lease which includes all service and even the sensors when they need replacement. Get in touch for more info!
  • 7Solutions in Gas Detection went international! We have offices in The Netherlands, Belgium, Poland and Germany. For all your questions in the DACH region, get in touch with 7Solutions GmbH Cologne through 0221 170894-10 or 7Solutions GmbH Hamburg through 04023 8818-11. You can also just send them an e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • 7Solutions in Gas Detection has the largest rental fleet regarding gas detection? With over 1200 detectors in our rental fleet we can supply you with every need!
  • All our technical employees are ATEX certified by DEKRA? DEKRA is one of the leading companies regarding certification, and we had the honour to be trained by them to gain some of their vast knowledge. This knowledge is essential in providing, you, our customer with the best advice regarding specific applications.
  • We are committed to sustainable entrepreneurship? Sustainability doesn’t end with the environment. Sustainability for us is to take care of our employees, customers and suppliers. We just don’t look to the future of the environment, but also the families who have to live in these environments.
  • Through our years of knowledge and experience ánd a very ambitious team, we have no doubt that we are the best gas detection company in the world! And we will love to show around at our respective offices, to show you what and who motivates us. Curious? Drop by for a cup of coffee or check our vacancies (tour included when visiting)

Do you want to experience that for yourself? Visit either one of our offices in Holland, Belgium, Germany, Poland or see our export department in action during one of the various tradeshows we attend worldwide.

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