As an independent gas detection supplier, we can get you the solution you need, the way you need it.



Sustainability in the most literal sense means keeping your people and assets safe. We have the solutions to do that, and more.

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The global leader in gas detection equipment.


We independently sell the gas detector you need, with great advice.

Rental & Lease

The best financial solutions for your limited period projects.

Service & Calibration

Best service for all brands with the quickest lead time in the business.


Any gas detection related training you need.

7Solutions in Gas Detection

Your global partner in gas detection equipment.

7Solutions was founded in 2003 to offer a genuine alternative for your gas detection needs. We want to offer you the best service possible, from pre-sale advice to aftersales service.

7Solutions has its own service and maintenance department where we can service any gas detection instrument, no matter what brand or age. Our turnaround is among the fastest in the industry, striving to return your instrument within three business days. Our technicians are trained in the latest safety requirements and ATEX norms, so you can trust your instrument to keep you safe.


Are you looking to acquire a new gas detection solution? Or replacing what you already have? We are here to help. Whether you already know exactly what you need or are still figuring out what best satisfies all your requirements, we can make you an offer that will suit your needs exactly.

7Solutions is an independent supplier. We work with all manufacturers and we know the market like the back of our hand. Which means we can provide you with the exact quality and characteristics, even the exact brand, you are looking for. Whether you require the technologically advanced or the dependable work horse.

It doesn’t stop there, of course. We strive to offer the best after-sales service, with knowledgeable technicians and the fastest turn-around time in the industry. We will even service your existing fleet, no matter where you bought them.


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Rental & Lease

Only pay for what you use and only for the period that you use them. It´s not always that simple, but at 7Solutions, it is.

If you need your gas detection equipment for a limited time only, or if you need to be flexible every step of the way, we´ve got you covered. Your gas detection solution is ready, exactly when you require it to be. No surprises.

If you don´t feel like dealing with the hassles of ownership, let us take that out of the equation. Only pay for the number of instruments you actually use. We make sure every instrument is in perfect order.


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Service & Calibration

The service & maintenance department at 7Solutions is very much the core of our company. Our technicians inspect new equipment last before it gets to you. They see it when it returns for service and maintenance. They take your instrument apart, in order to make it as good as new. In that regard, they know the product better than anyone. Especially how various brands and types perform in different environments and applications.

We can also train your employees to perform your own calibrations. To be able to do that, we can supply you with a full range of calibration accessories, from the high-end multiple docking stations with fully automated testing and calibration, to the smallest hose and filter, and everything in between.


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We’ve gathered a veritable heap of knowledge over the years about gas detection and everything linked to it. It would be a shame not to do something with it, wouldn’t it? We have put together a few comprehensive programs to advance the knowledge of you or your employees about everything gas detection.

Our trainings are put together to form logical modules from which to acquire even more knowledge. There is something for every learning goal and every practice. From an instrument instruction to full-scale safety expert trainings.


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Serving in 91+ Countries


100+ employees


312.566 gas detectors sold


45+ brands

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7Solutions has its own service and maintenance department where we can service any gas detection instrument, no matter what brand or age.

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